Starting Out

If you have decided that Baseball is the game for you and you want to join a team or if you are still undecided and want to watch a game or try-out, the best place to start is your local Club or Association. You can FIND A CLUB near you or contact your Regional Association or Baseball New Zealand for more information.

Once you decide to start playing Baseball, there are a few things you need to know or do:

  • You will need some basic skills, including the ability to throw, catch, field a ball, hit, and move between bases. Information about these basic skills, as well as tips and training programs to help you develop your skills, are available in the Coaching section of this website.
  • You will need access to appropriate Baseball equipment and clothing
  • It's helpful to have an understanding of the basic Baseball rules and terminology so you can confidently take to the diamond
  • You might want to build a team of friends, family members or work colleagues to play in a tournament or competition
  • You might decide to participate in some of the Baseball programs and activities that are designed to help you get started

It's a good idea to familiarise yourself with health and wellbeing issues and playing policies and guidelines so your Baseball experience is a safe and positive one.