National Baseball Festival 

18th - 21st January 2024    |    Auckland  -  Waitakere Bears Baseball Club, Te Poi - Starling Park

Club Team Entry Fee: $1,250.00 per team

Please see further details for tournament regulations and eligibility.  Baseball NZ – National Baseball Tournament Regulations

2024 National Baseball Festival Registration Information

Clubs registering for the 2024 National Baseball Festival follow the below instructions:

1)  On the Sporty registration system, go to the ‘grades’ section of TeamBuilder

2)  The National Baseball Festival registrations have been loaded as activities in the grades section.

3)  To register, select the National Baseball Festival activities that align to the team you are registering 12U or 14U. 

*  BNZ 2024 National Baseball Festival – 12U

*  BNZ 2024 National Baseball Festival – 14U

4)  Clubs can register one or more teams in each grade & Club composite teams encouraged

5)  Further instructions and user guide to follow if required, from page 13.

6)  Registrations close 12th January 2024

A reminder that for the National Baseball Festival, each club is required to bring/provide and travel with a NZBUA certified community club umpire and level 0 national scorekeeper. 

Clubs ensure you are familiar with the National Tournament Regulations & Requirements as soon as possible to ensure eligibility to attend tournaments.